Acer Aero Group ®

On November 17, 2017 Ace Aero Group ® was born as a registered trademark, and in 2018 we designed and developed projects and investment plans aimed at the main development and growth sectors in Mexico, which are: Aerospace, Automotive, Agroindustry, Food, and Artificial Intelligence in Business, in 2019 we constituted it as a public limited company promoting investment of variable capital, to restore and take care of our Environment, and to add value to shareholders, directors and the administration of the company, In 2020 we are implementing Corporate Governance for risk management, financial security, stability, development and growth to be listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange in the Future, at Ace Aero Group® we seek to become a leading group of Innovative Mexicans and promoters of the investment to make our country stronger.

Ace Aero Group ®
November 17, 2021
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